Become the Magic!

In this workshop Micki Flatmo will show you ways to style wigs and enhance existing hats that will truly transform a “Burning Man Outfit”  into a “Burning Man Persona”. Learn to become the magic!

A LIttle Bit About Micki

Micki is a contemporary painter and costume designer living in northern California. Her interest in the arts began in her earliest years and although she’s almost completely self taught, she’s been an avid student of the arts for almost her entire life. Her career as a professional artist began almost 40 years ago and continues today. Micki’s most recent exhibition features dynamic costume design and abstract paintings, and was on view in 2017 at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, CA. 

Micki will be exhibiting her over-the-top Burning Man style costumes at Slate Gray Gallery during the Festival.