Results of the 2-day welding workshop

…what a great weekend it was. Dan and Keith were fabulous instructors and the group was all so engaged and fun to be with. Would love to keep in touch. Thanks for your efforts to put all this together. I was inspired. —Terry Tice

The two-day beginner welding workshop held this past weekend resulted in a team created sculpture with flame effects that put a smile on everyone’s face. And, each participant had time to make a masterpiece of their own to take home as well.


Rocky Mountain Arts gave scholarships to two True North Youth Program students with the support of Alpine Bank.

One student has requested an internship as a result of the time spent with our incredible instructors, Keith D’Angelo and Dan Gundrum.

The Beginner Welding Workshop is July 29 & 30

Beginner Welding With Dan Gundrum & Keith D’Angelo

This is a beginner hands-on, 2-day class. Participants learn the process of creating a steel fire art project from scratch using reclaimed materials. Our two experts will also teach the basics of shop safety, welding, metal manipulation and how to add fire elements. Students will have the option to complete a small project as a team and if time allows a sculpture for themselves.

All equipment, materials, safety gloves, goggles etc. will be supplied.


The workshop is being held  in Placerville.


9:30 to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday.
Class size is limited

Email to sign up for the workshop.