All necessary information about the upcoming events

How to buy a tickets for the upcoming events?

Tickets go on sale in the fall. We will have online purchasing at that time. Simply click on the item you are interested and check out. You may also buy tickets at hospitality during the event weekend.

How many tickets are available?

Each event has a unique number of available tickets. Check their respective listings for details.

Is it possible to cancel my purchased tickets?

We are unable to provide cancellations or refunds once you have made a ticket purchase.

I want to volunteer. What do I need to so to volunteer and can I get a free ticket for volunteering?

We love volunteers! Thank you for asking! Please fill out the form on our participate page and let us know what day (s) you wish to volunteer. Each six hour volunteer segment gets you access to a ticketed event. If you volunteer for 10 hours, you will receive tickets to all evening events. Do please provide your age and any experience that might be helpful.

Who can help me during the event?

We have hospitality set up every day from 11am-4pm. Staff can help you with purchasing tickets for events and any other questions you may have.

I want to be a fire performer – how can I get involved?

We are looking for volunteer fire performers for Telluride Fire Festival, December 2020.
If you are interested in performing please fill out the form on our participate and provide some information for us so we can contact you. Thank you.

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