We’re at 79% with 7 days to reach our goal!

The Festival thanks all for their generous pledges of support for our Burning Man Mutant Vehicle Kickstarter campaign.

About this project:

The Shack is an artistic interpretation of a turn-of-the-19th-century miner’s tiny home that’s mobile. The most unique and dynamic special effect on this one-of-a-kind Mutant Vehicle is that the roof is on fire (literally!). The “burning” shack “floats” along The Playa and looks as if it is burning…but we promise it’s safe…and yes, we carry fire extinguishers.

To transport the art car safely, we need something new: a gooseneck trailer rated for a 10,000-lb. load.

For two years, we have borrowed trailers to transport the Shack the 2,000-miles to Black Rock City and back. Both times, we had significant breakdowns, including multiple blown tires and a broken axle. If we don’t purchase a trailer suited for and dedicated to the Shack, we will likely not be able to bring the art car. With your support, this year we are hoping to buy a new trailer!