Burning Man Mutant Vehicle Renovation: Shack To-Hell-U-Ride.

We need your financial support!

Telluride Fire Festival is excited to bring the mutant vehicle “Shack To-Hell-U-Ride” (back for the fourth year) to Burning Man to gift Burners many rides on this unique turn-of-the-century shack.

After 3 years of experience with this mobile art, we realized we needed to make her safer and create a more aesthetically pleasing entrance with some significant modifications. We are working to complete a renovation of the entire rear entrance, which will both improve the access to the vehicle and complete the unfinished porch (add to the “Shack’s” aesthetic). The size of the stairs will be reduced (a weight and structural issue) and a repurposed historic railing with 100 year-old balusters will be added. The newly transformed shack will also be showcased at the Dec. 7-9 Festival.