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hels diner

We love supporting other Nonprofits!

We’re excited about sharing the nonprofit Camp Porta Party and their amazing Art Car, Hel’s Diner to all we know. We have first-hand experience managing the challenges of maintaining and improving an Art Car (AKA Mutant Vehicle) for the community at Burning Man’s annual event.

Why we love it

  • It’s a gift to the Black Rock City community
  • Creative Art with music for all to appreciate and ride

“These works of art don’t come together overnight and they are always a labor of love that require a dedicated (and talented) team, a big storage area, and sophisticated equipment to build.” explains Erin Ries

“We’re supporting not only this project, but several other projects at Burning Man” she adds. “I think art is one of the few things that separates humanity from the animal kingdom. It’s incumbent on people with means to help fund what they are passionate about. And, art is one of the things we’re truly passionate about.”

Consider donating to the Hel’s Diner Kickstarter please.